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We’ve turned retail automotive digital marketing into a science!

Using our exclusive platforms, sMedia can maximize your online advertising strategy by driving engaged shoppers to your website that will convert into high quality leads.

drive engaged trafficCost per engaged user $3.50drive vdp trafficCost per vdp view $.035

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engaged user metricEngagedUserMetric

We track a proprietary set of behavioural data variables on our client’s VDP’s to gauge strong purchase intent, providing valuable consumer information regardless of actual contact prior to test-driving. This data, known as Engaged Users, allows dealerships to have a universal digital metric to analyze ROI from all digital traffic sources.

sMedia found that there is a direct relationship between the amount of Engaged Users on a dealership’s VDPs and sales.

A digital metric that has a direct relationship between the amount of Engaged Users on a dealership’s VDPs and sales.

engaged user relationship to sales

dynamic social regargeting

With Dynamic Social Retargeting, you have the ability to follow up with interested buyers viewing VDP’s on your website, even if they don’t contact you. By tracking specific behavioural cues on your VDP’s, sMedia will follow up with your potential buyers with the right vehicle, at the right time.  This increases the likelihood your past internet visitors will consider your dealership first when it’s time to purchase.

Don’t let your inventory and interested buyers get lost in the mix.

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dynamic social retargeting

smedia clean clickCleanClick

Our exclusive Clean Click Technology allows you to maximize your PPC (Pay-per-click) by helping to prevent fraudulent paid clicks, leaving more budget to concentrate on driving potential buyers back to your VDP’s.

smart offerSmartOffer

Smart Offer allows you to present potential online buyers with a special incentive at the right time, after they have indicated strong purchase intent on your VDPs. Let us help convert your engaged traffic into quality leads!

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google automotive inventory marketing solutions

sMedia Inventory places your individual vehicles in front of in-market shoppers throughout the entire online buying cycle. These vehicles are strategically delivered in the form of; Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and our custom Dynamic Google Remarketing Ads.

The goal of these digital marketing ads is to bring highly engaged shoppers with intent to purchase, directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages.

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