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We help 450+ dealerships across North America
understand their web traffic, increase leads, and
grow sales by using AI and Big Data

We help you understand
your traffic

Put your data to work. Our data-backed approach ensures you’re making the most of your budget by not wasting valuable marketing spent on wrong buyers. We analyze hundreds of behavioral indicators of your customers to target only Engaged Prospects.

By showing the right car to the right buyer, we increase the number of Engaged Prospects who come to your VDPs.

More Engaged Prospects on VDPs = More car sales


We increase the number
of leads

Best online leads come from your website. They cost less and close more often. If your website doesn’t convert leads, it decreases the effectiveness of all ad spend. By increasing the efficiency of your website, we make sure that’s not the case.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, we maximize engagement on VDPs by choosing the best-performing button combinations for a particular customer. We make the most out of your traffic, ensuring your ad dollars are well spent

We help you grow sales

Capitalize on real customer intent.

We help dealerships sell more cars by driving targeted, qualified car buyers directly to their VDPs. By attracting and following up with buyers that display high purchase intent, we propel a dealership ahead of their competition.

Our services generate more high-quality VDP traffic per dollar than any other advertising channels


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Our Achievements

In 2017, we became one of few Google Small & Medium Business Channel Partners for Automotive and the first Google Premier Partner in Saskatchewan
In 2018, we were recognized as #53 among Canada’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies
In 2018, we were recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan for our 4800% growth rate from 2013 to 2017

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