sMedia   Inventory
Drive interested buyers to your VDPs

sMedia Inventory is Dynamic VIN Level Advertising
that brings Engaged Prospects to your VDPs.


Our solution includes:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Remarketing Ads

sMedia Inventory places your inventory in front
of buyers at every stage of the buying cycle.

How to beat the competition

Car buyers spend the average 16 hours of researching their vehicle online. To keep you ahead of the

competition, sMedia Inventory brings your dealership to the forefront of buyer’s browsing experience.

01     Research

A buyer in the dealer’s geographic area starts to
browse websites that trigger customized banner
ads and search text. They appear for the exact
type of car a buyer is looking for that is also in
dealer’s inventory.

Shopping      02

Once a buyer shows proclivity towards a specific
vehicle, an ad displays at the top of the Google
search results and everywhere buyers go to
consume information. The ad drives traffic
directly to the VDP of interest.

03     Consideration

When a buyer visits a listing on the dealer’s
website, sMedia Inventory adds them to a
retargeting list and continues to display the
exact type of vehicle that the buyer is looking for
through banner ads, bringing them back to the

Purchase      04

inventory, and sMedia Inventory automatically
syncs every 15 minutes with the dealer’s
database to stops advertise any vehicles that
have been purchased and removed from their

Success Story

Western GMC Buick turned to sMedia inventory to
attract Engaged Prospects and bring them back to

After just a month of sMedia targeting and
optimization, Western GMC Buick’s Click Through
Rate for Display Ads was 26% higher than the
industry average.

Their Cost per Click was 5x lower than their
competitors’ CPC, while Cost per Engaged Prospect
remained at $3.59.

Western GMC Buick

sMedia Inventory at a glance


No long term contracts

We aim to win your business every month based
on our performance


High engagement at low cost

sMedia Inventory CPC is 5x lower than the
industry average


Flat management fee

We offer transparent and unbiased feedback on
your ad campaigns


Quick setup

We’ll get your custom ads up and running in less
than 3 days


Regular check-ins

Your dedicated Account Manager ensures your
positive ROI each month



Compatible across all devices

Attract in-market buyers to your VDPs

Increase sales with one of the lowest
CPC in the industry

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