Dynamic Snapchat Ads

Be the first dealership to reach millenials on Snapchat

first-mover advantage

The competition for digital presence is growing – Google Cost per Click (CPC) increases as more dealerships go digital.

sMedia became the first company to automate dynamic Snapchat ads in Automotive.

With sMedia, you can reach consumers on less crowded platforms before your competitors catch up and start to drive up the costs

Why Dynamic Snapchat Ads?

As of March 2019, Snapchat reached
use Snapchat for

By advertising on Snapchat, you become one of the few dealerships who are reaching younger demographic.

Engage Millennials on Snapchat

Become one of the pioneers of cutting-edge advertising to:

  • Attract more Engaged Prospects (interested buyers) to your VDPs
  • Retarget Engaged Prospects, bringing them back to your VDPs

With a collection of 3 – 20 vehicles, millennials get your message across in an easily consumable fashion and swipe to visit to your VDP.

Reap the benefits

Appeal to a specific demographic

Face less competition

Save money with lower CPC

Get potentially better ROI


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