Katrina German, a tech consultant based in Saskatoon, identified 5 most innovative technology companies in Saskatchewan, and sMedia made the list!

We are excited to be associated with the most promising tech companies to keep an eye on in 2019, in particular:

  • Coconut Software – an enterprise appointment scheduling software
  • Territorial – a team of techies that created an app called Hugr that is centred around mental wellness
  • SalonScale – software that calculates the exact cost of colour in every bowl mixed at a hair salon
  • SafetyTek – software meant to help construction sites become safer

“This is a group of a couple of guys Taylor Ursu, Marshal Finch and Regan Hinchcliffe. They’re able to provide these leads to auto car dealers so it’s very useful, of course, for the auto industry. The cool thing is this particular group was cited by Canadian Business.com as the 53rd fastest growing company in 2018.” German said about sMedia.