The new, revamped sMedia website and blog are here right in time for 2019!

Our new website reflects the wide range of products and services we offer to the Automotive Industry and beyond.

With our new blog, we aspire to fill any gaps in education for automotive marketers wanting to keep up to date with the cutting edge.

Here’s what you can learn about while browsing our revamped website:

How to increase marketing efficiency in your dealership

In traditional dealership advertising – whether it’s radio, TV, newspaper or direct email – GMs (General Managers) usually use one metric to evaluate ROI (return on investment): how many people come through the door.

When dealerships adopt online marketing, they often get lost in vanity metrics. These metrics may have some correlation but little to no causation with sales.

Marketers start chasing traffic spikes, bounce rate, time on page, or number of clicks and hit the wall with advertising campaigns. They target wide segments of unqualified traffic for low engagement at a high cost.

Our solution to unactionable marketing is called Engaged Prospect Metric.

We analyze hundreds of behavioral indicators from your customers such as click patterns, searches, and VDP interest. We then condense them down into one easy to understand metric – Engaged Prospect.

The Engaged Prospect Metric shows dealers how many serious buyers they have on their website at any given time. Our studies have proven these behavioral indicators to be the highest correlated statistic to sales.

To help marketers make the most out of their campaigns, we optimize all of our ad services for Engaged Prospects.

How to increase car sales

Each car on your lot has its buyer. It’s just a matter of how you spot and bring them to your VDPs.

By advertising your inventory to Engaged Prospects, we attract new buyers, put you ahead of the competition, and increase car sales without breaking the bank. In particular:

  • Engaged Prospect Retargeting – brings interested buyers back to dealer’s VDPs at one of the lowest costs in the industry
  • Engaged Prospect Lookalike – attracts buyers just like a dealer’s Engaged Prospects and guides them to VDPs
  • Engaged Prospect Lead Ads – converts interested buyers into leads while they browse their social media feeds
  • sMedia Inventory – attracts and retargets Engaged Prospects during each stage of the buying cycle.

How to increase website leads

The best online leads come directly from your website. They cost less and close more often.

If your website doesn’t convert leads, it decreases the effectiveness of all adspend.

We’ve developed the following A.I.-driven website optimization products to ensure the best ROI for your adspend:

  • AI Lead Optimizer – streamlines all customer data to automatically deliver the highest converting button combination for each buyer in your VDP. (Pssst: 147% increase in conversion rates may occur.)
  • Smart Offer – presents a coupon to an interested buyer when they are most likely to convert into a lead on the VDP.

What’s coming next?

2019 opens a new chapter in the sMedia story.

Our international team has grown to 60+ bright employees who are working on the next generation of end-to-end products and services for dealers.

We master our craft by continually enhancing our portfolio and investing in continuous employee education.

You can catch us at SaaStr Annual on February 5-7 in San Francisco, as we are committed to keeping sMedia at the forefront of SaaS innovation.