sMedia Inventory

Dynamic Vin level advertising: driving interested buyers to your VDP’s.

sMedia inventory gives all of your cars the online exposure they deserve and drives in-market users straight to your vehicle detail pages.

More engaged users

We don’t just send traffic. We send engaged customers right to your vehicle detail pages. These customers are more likely to convert!

Reduce turnover time

Some vehicles just don’t get visits organically. Advertising on the vin level solves this problem.

Turn key, trackable & transparent

Easy to set up, tracking is made easy and you can trust we will be transparent!

Vehicle shoppers spend an average of 16 hours researching their potential
vehicle purchases online. That’s why it’s crucial to have a strong online
presence to catch these potential buyers at whatever stage of the buying cycle they’re at. The buying cycle can be broken up into 4 different stages:

1) Research

The shopper is interested in purchasing a new vehicle, but isn’t sure exactly which type of vehicle would work best for them. If the shopper is in your geographic area and looking at car reviews on different websites, customized banner advertisements will appear for the exact type of car they’re looking for that you also have in your inventory.

2) Shopping

This is where the rubber meets the road. Once the shopper is interested in a specific type of vehicle and searches for the vehicle on Google, an advertisement displays at the top of the search results that leads to your website.

3) Consideration

Once the shopper visits a listing on your website, sMedia Inventory adds them to a retargeting list and is able to follow their website browsing and continue to display the exact type of vehicle that the shopper is looking for through banner advertisements.

4) Purchase

Once the shopper purchases a vehicle from your inventory, sMedia Inventory automatically syncs every 15 minutes with your website’s database, and stops advertising any vehicles that have been purchased and removed from your website.