We use the engaged user metric to determine when to show an offer and as a result, your offers will be claimed more frequently and you’ll convert more leads.

more leads

More leads

Our goal when we show an offer is to get you more leads. That’s exactly what we’ll do.

non intrusive


We only show an offer when a shopper shows buyer intent. You don’t have to worry about annoying your customers.

right to your crm

Right to your CRM

It’s great to get leads but if they are all over the place it can be very frustrating. We connect to most CRM platforms.

Laser-focus your digital advertising efforts by following up with shoppers that are actually interested in your vehicles.

multiple devices

Device Friendly

Our offers will deliver to your
shoppers regardless of the device.

perfectly timed dilevery

Perfectly timed delivery

Our advanced algorithms determine when a user is most interested and presents them an offer when they are most likely to use it.

customizable offers

Customizable offers

Test multiple offers simultaneously for both pre-owned and new. Don’t guess. Test.