Smart Offer

Increase Your Website Leads With A Custom Solution Deployed Wherever you need it

Generic marketing ON WEBSITES creates clutter

Unnecessary pop-ups, banners, and sticky bars disrupt the shopper journey. Create a custom experience for potential buyers to convert more often.

Incentives at the right place, at the right time

Instead of pushing all offers indiscriminately, Smart Offer presents an offer to a buyer, seller, or service customer when and where they are most likely to convert.

Smart Offer converts shoppers with timely and relevant “next action” experiences.

Smart offer IS EASY TO USE



Add your creative still or video, customize the capture fields and look of your form, or add a redirect link.

Perfectly-timed delivery

Display your offer on any web page, or in your chosen VDP group.
Set rules like timing & frequency to create a custom experience.



Have multiple form types active on the website at a time, all performing different tasks. Smart Offer is whatever you need it to be. Start converting shoppers to leads.

Technically speaking

Customizable offers

Don’t guess. Test multiple offers simultaneously for both pre-owned and new vehicles

Perfectly timed delivery

You get to set the rules for your form, find the sweet spot for conversion

Right to your CRM

We provide an ADF format that most CRM platforms accept


Offers are delivered to buyers regardless of the device

The Results

Indy Honda

Indy Honda partnered with sMedia to bring Engaged Prospects back to the VDPs they were most interested in and incentivize them with a Smart Offer coupon.

The solution yielded 44 website leads, of which 11 were closed with Cost per Acquisition $54.54.

Campkins RV Center

Campkins RV Center implemented Smart Offer to increase the effectiveness of their website. Their close rate hovers at 10%.

Out of 50 coupon fill outs, 5 deals are potentially going to close. Considering an average $10k made per sale and $100 Smart Offer cost, the ROI of sMedia solution reaches up to 500x.

With Smart Offer, Campkins RV Center puts discount money in the right place.

Help buyers choose your dealership

Get more website leads to stay ahead of local dealers