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Rome Nissan

Rome Dealership increases VDP
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Maximizing investment

sMedia helped Rome Nissan maximize the ROI of their ad campaign investment by optimizing their VDPs for individual customers.

Aaron Vickory, a high-performing Marketing Consultant that works with 16 dealerships in Rome area, is always on a lookout for better marketing tactics to achieve his ever-increasing goals. Aaron ran marketing for Rome Nissan when Tom from sMedia approached him. Together, they quickly identified that their website had a room for improvement.

Rome Nissan successfully drove a healthy amount of traffic to their website through paid advertising. Despite high traffic volume, their website like many automotive websites had a low conversion rate.

Considering their significant ad expenditure, they were missing out on converting more of their paid traffic.


Usually, small vital changes to the VDP were siloed in miscommunication with website vendor. Also, conventional A/B testing tools only provided a one-size-fits-all solution to VDP button combinations.

Aaron decided to stretch their existing investment through VDP optimization and looked for a quick, efficient way to increase leads.

Key Results

Implementing AI Lead Optimized led to some great improvements


increase in VDP
conversion rate

Increased overall icon

Increased overall
sales department


Increase in lead

In just a month, Rome Nissan increased button clicks on their VDPs by 147% – from 275 to 680 clicks. As a result, engaged customers filled out 97% more lead forms. Rome Nissan gathered 77 fill outs instead of 39 – more leads were extracted without having to increase traffic

Data to the rescue

Rome Nissan partnered with sMedia to maximize conversions on VDPs. To do so, we relied on data.

Specifically, the AI Lead Optimizer created different button combinations for VDPs, ranging in color, verbiage, placement & size. Our machine learning technology replaced and tested every button combination to learn and gather data real-time from Rome Nissan customers.

Using this information, AI Lead Optimizer showed the right button, to the right customer at the right time to yield a conversion.

Instead of opting for a widely-segmented design that converts only a small percentage of traffic, Rome Nissan optimized their VDPs based on unique customer behavior.


With AI Lead Optimizer, Rome Nissan’s web customers were treated on an individual level – like they would be in the actual brick and mortar dealership.

Hear from Aaron

At Rome Nissan we look for ways to get more leads from our website in the data-backed way. With AI Lead Optimizer, we were able to increase our VDP conversion rate by 147% and boost leads by 97%.

Aaron Vickory
Marketing Consultant at Rome Nissan

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