Performance Dashboard

Save time & money – get results
  • Google Analytics
  • View Facebook ads
  • Engaged Prospect Metric
  • Campaign Spend per Unit

Ingest your sales data and

validate your investment per vehicle

The Performance Dashboard lets you combine all your reporting including the Engaged Prospect Metric,
into a single source of truth for evaluation, vendor analysis, strategy, and exportable reports.

Break down your

traffic & spends by

  • Users, Sessions, Engaged Prospects
  • Investment vs Impact per channel
  • Engagement & spend per unit

See what your social ads look like

Access smedia campaigns and lead tools and

measure  results at a granular level

Your feedback matters

Rhys Albrecht
Digital Marketing Manager
Bannister Automotive Group

What I really appreciate about the dashboard is the ability to go to one place to get the information I need, at any time. We can compile reports in a fraction of time then we used to, it’s so insanely valuable to me.

David Vanderleek
Marketing Manager
Sherwood Ford

The Performance Dashboard really is a frictionless tool. You are reducing your friction points in your analytics, in your measurements, in your daily tasks, it’s a great way to save time.


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