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sMedia attracts and converts сustomers for companies across various industries and sizes


Make hard work easier for your buyers by connecting them with the right item in your inventory. We find interested customers among your website traffic, retarget them with customized ads and bring them back to the detail pages of equipment they were most likely to purchase.


We take the guesswork out of online advertising for 650+ dealerships in North America by finding engaged buyers, attracting them to relevant VDPs and converting traffic into leads with AI-driven optimization.

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Help buyers find your best offers. We collect Engaged Prospect data on your product pages and target potential buyers with timely relevant ads linked to items on your website a buyer was most likely to purchase.

Recreational Vehicles

Become a part of your buyer’s next camping journey. By gauging the purchasing intent of your website traffic, we promote relevant RVs from your lot and keep your dealership at the forefront of their shopping experience.

OUR Success Story

Campkins RV Centre

Campkins RV Centre and sMedia partnered to create and target Lookalike audiences for Facebook advertising campaigns.

After a month, the dealership witnessed $0.50 Cost per Engaged Prospect and $0.28 Cost per Click – cost 9x lower than the average Cost per Click in Automotive which is $2.24.

Optimizing with sMedia further, Campkins RV Centre upgraded their Lookalike campaign to a Carousel Lookalike campaign which lowered Cost per Click to $0.15 and Cost per Engaged Prospect to $0.35.


Spot in-market buyers with high interest towards your property listings. We bring Engaged Prospects to your website and convert them into leads based on their browsing behavior.


Find a buyer for every truck on your lot. When your buyers show high purchasing intent on your website, we bring them back to your truck detail pages by promoting relevant ads at the right place, at the right time. We convert your website traffic into leads ensuring they pick your dealership for their next visit.


Understand Traffic

Increase your marketing ROI by laser-focusing your advertising on Engaged Prospects

Increase Leads

Optimize your website to convert every buyer who lands on your detail pages

Grow Sales

Sell more items in your inventory by driving qualified traffic to your website