Supply chain issues have forced most dealers to focus more on buying than selling, and on efficiency over growth.

Impact Campaigns

Acquire more vehicles and fill up your service bays with strategies that will impact your bottom line                                


Impact Strategies

Impact Campaigns start for as little as $125/Month

Note: You must be an sMedia customer to use Impact Campaigns

Vehicle Acquisition
Acquire inventory through trades and purchases by finding the people that are looking to sell or trade their vehicle, and push them to your website.

Fill your service bays with people searching for service related terms, local potential customers and people similar to your existing customers.

Impact Campaigns
Fill your lot or your service bays with these Impact Strategies

Impact Market Retargeting
Target the shoppers that are visiting your top ten competitors websites, with static google ads and bring them to your landing page or tool

Impact Search
Use Google Search ads to get in front of shoppers searching terms like: Sell my car, trade my car, and what’s my vehicle worth. We have a list of over 400 terms to bring these shoppers to your preferred landing page.

Impact Lookalike
Find potential customers on Facebook, just like the shoppers using your trade tool or shopping your inventory, and target them with a static ad to bring them back to your website

Impact Local
Static Facebook ads promoting trading or selling of vehicles to local audiences in a radius you can choose








Track Results!

We will setup custom goals to track campaign performance through to your lead form fills.


Smart Offer

Improve your lead conversions by adding Smart Offer

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