Purchasing a car used to be a lot simpler for both – the customer and the dealer.

A customer would visit different lots and test-drive multiple vehicles, giving a salesperson the opportunity to gauge purchase intent. A salesperson would ask a customer for contact information before they leave and re-engage later with a warm prospect.

Now, customers prefer to do most of their research and consideration online.

On average, it takes 7 visits to the dealership website before a customer is confident enough to take the next step in their buying journey.

Retargeting ads have proven to be valuable for dealers who aim to bring buyers back to their website and reinforce the dealership brand.

However, the typical remarketing techniques often fail to provide dealers with competitive advantage.

The problem with conventional retargeting campaigns

Typical retargeting ads fail to provide dealership with a competitive advantage for a variety of reasons:

  • focus on highlighting the brand instead of the car a customer has shown intent towards
  • often show the last vehicle seen instead of the one that brought a customer in the market
  • chase customers who aren’t engaged with a dealership website
  • take customers to a generic landing page or a homepage instead of a relevant VDP

Opting for a generic retargeting approach, a dealership fails to re-engage their once interested customer who is now likely to research a competitor’s inventory.

To gain a competitive advantage, a dealership should follow up with their engaged customers and bring them back to the VDP they’re likely to convert on.

This is when our Engaged Prospect Retargeting steps in to help you gauge and retarget purchase intent smarter.

Engaged Prospect Retargeting

sMedia found a way to maximize the ROI (return on investment) on your retargeting spend.

We use Engaged Prospect data to optimize our product-specific Engaged Prospect Retargeting technology.

Here’s an infographic demonstrating why you should always opt in for Engaged Prospect retargeting to bring your interested buyers back:

Based on the Engaged Prospect Metric, we follow up with an engaged customer immediately – like a good salesperson would.

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