At sMedia we pride ourselves on never staying still. When COVID-19 hit, we kicked our collective innovation into high gear to provide solutions and offer value at no cost to dealerships affected by COVID-19.

First, we highlight our COVID-19 audit checklist. Leveraging our years of experience in automotive marketing, we created a list of critical points that dealerships should follow to cover all their communication channels in regards to COVID-19. You can utilize this free tool yourself:

A message is only as good as it’s medium. This is why we created a free tool called Smart Memo to relay critical messages to your customers. Smart Memo is a do-it-yourself popup that displays COVID-specific messaging. You can customize your own message instantly and directly using our backend dashboard. If you would like to take advantage of this tool, get in touch with us about how you can get this running on your dealership’s website.

If written messages still aren’t getting through to your shoppers, sMedia has designed 4 videos for our client’s use at no charge. These videos outline some of the ways dealerships have been adapting their procedures to keep everyone safe and help them understand how these alternatives might actually work. Check out some example videos here:

Your digital shopping experience is important now more than ever. Shoppers want to complete as much of their buying process digitally as possible. Enable them to accurately assess their trade-in value using our new trade-valuation tool, Trade Smart. Trade Smart is offered to all sMedia clients free of charge!

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has upended the global economy. But sMedia isn’t backing down from the challenge. Instead, we tackle it head on by investing in innovation and moving the automotive industry forward. If any of the solutions we listed above interest you, or you would like to hear more, head to our homepage at