Google Ads Platform

Take your business to the next level with precision-targeted advertising. Our Google Ads Platform delivers dynamic ads that adapt to changes in your inventory, flexible targeting options to reach your ideal audience, and detailed reporting to make data-driven decisions. With our service, you can increase visibility, generate more leads, and drive growth with ease.

Our Products
sMedia automotive inventory.

Performance Max

Maximize the impact of your marketing dollar

Unleash your dealership’s potential with Performance Max campaigns, leveraging machine learning to reach wider audiences, achieve marketing goals, and boost your ROI across Google’s entire inventory.

Comprehensive Reach

Performance Max campaigns use artificial intelligence to optimize ad delivery across Google's inventory, including search, display, and YouTube, maximizing audience reach.

Performance Max on phone.

Goal Flexibility

These campaigns support various marketing goals, such as driving conversions, increasing website traffic, or boosting brand awareness, with adaptable messaging and targeting.

Wider Audience

Performance Max campaigns leverage machine learning to find the most valuable audiences across Google's vast network, outperforming traditional search or display campaigns.

In-depth Analytics

You can track campaign performance through detailed reporting, enabling data-driven decisions and optimization for maximum performance and ROI.

Vehicle Listing Ads

Drive qualified leads to your dealership

Accelerate your dealership’s success with Vehicle Listing Ads, showcasing your inventory directly in Google search results to attract more clicks, generate leads, and fuel business growth.

Prominent Exposure

Vehicle Listing Ads feature your inventory on Google search results pages, targeting consumers actively searching for vehicles with intent to purchase, which increases your dealership's visibility.

Inventory Showcase

These ads display vehicle images, pricing information, and key features directly in search results, helping your dealership stand out from competitors.

Easy Management

Vehicle Listing Ads are managed through Google Merchant Center, allowing for simple setup, optimization, and adjustments based on inventory value.

Seamless Experience

Designed for a user-friendly experience, Vehicle Listing Ads direct prospective customers to your dealership's website for detailed information and lead submission.