Facebook Marketplace for dealers

Reach millions of in-market car buyers

Connect with buyers where they already are

Buying a car is becoming increasingly omnichannel. More than 800 million people globally use Facebook Marketplace each month to browse, buy, or sell items. Millions of people use Marketplace to shop for pre-owned cars daily.

By listing on Marketplace, you capitalize on interactions already happening on Facebook.

sMedia Facebook Marketplace

allows you to list a catalogue of vehicles in front of interested buyers on Facebook Marketplace.

As Facebook inventory listing partner,

sMedia adheres to strict Facebook API requirements. We seamlessly list your vehicles, ensure frictionless shopping experience for your buyers and remove the pressure from your marketing team.

How does it work?

Start selling on Marketplace in 3 easy steps:

We connect to your dealership’s inventory feed


We post catalogues of your pre-owned vehicles to Marketplace


We report any listing issues in a user-friendly dashboard, giving you visibility into your listing performance

Reap the benefits

Built-In Messenger

Marketplace helps interested buyers start a 1:1 conversation with your dealership on Facebook Messenger. Launch a face-to-face video message or even collect down payments through Messenger’s secure payment feature

Personalized Customer Experience

Facebook Marketplace surfaces products relevant to consumers, helping your dealership find the right buyers

Easy Search & Filtering

Buyers can search cars for sale near them and narrow listings by body type, mileage, year, price, etc.

Free Listings

Unlike other marketplaces that take a percentage of each sale, Facebook Marketplace has no set listing fees