Engaged Prospect Retargeting

Bring interested buyers back to your VDPs

How Engaged Prospect Retargeting helps

Find Engaged Prospects

We maximize your ad investment by following up with buyers predicted to purchase from your dealership

Get Smarter Website

We allow your website to follow up with interested buyers on Facebook and Instagram without knowing contact information

Capitalize on your traffic

We make the most out of your web traffic by increasing the likelihood the buyers pick your dealership to visit

A smarter way to gauge and retarget purchase intent

Engaged Prospect Retargeting ads help you increase the likelihood of conversion by promoting relevant vehicles in Facebook and Instagram news feeds to Engaged Prospects on your VDPs

How it works

We use a proprietary combination of behavioural cues on your VDPs to determine whom to spend your ad dollars on
We automate ads for every vehicle in your inventory and target them on Facebook and Instagram news feeds of the customer
The retargeting ad selectively shows a vehicle that best matches your customer’s interest and takes them straight to the VDP



more clicks for the average budget


more clicked on than Google Retargeting Ads

Success Story

Campkins RV Centre

CAMPKINS RV CENTRE decided to retarget their Engaged Prospects with sMedia. During a monthly check-in, a dealership noticed that their Cost per Click was $0.11 while a Cost per Engaged Prospect was $0.17.

According to Facebook advertising benchmarks, the average cost per click for Automotive is $2.24. By retargeting Engaged Prospects with sMedia, CAMPKINS RV CENTRE maximized their ad investment by lowering their Cost per Click by 2036%, compared to their competitors.

For the same budget, Campkins RV Centre was getting 20x more clicks

Skip the hassle

Free Trial – no commitment

We offer a free one month trial with no hidden fees included

No long-term contracts

We aim to win your business every month by evaluating our performance every month for your convenience

Quick setup

We’ll get you up and be running in less than 48 hours

Constant reporting

Our transparent monthly reporting will fuel your marketing strategy decisions

High engagement at low cost

Our retargeting gives you 21x more clicks for the same cost compared to a conventional service

Regular check-ins

Your dedicated account manager ensures you’re getting the most out of Engaged Prospect Retargeting each month

Bring engaged customers back to your VDPs

Join hundreds of dealerships maximizing clicks and growing sales