Engaged Prospect Metric

Universal digital metric that
boosts sales

Stop spending money
on disinterested traffic


When you rely on conventional ad metrics, you target the wrong audience and waste valuable marketing spend.

There’s a buyer for every car on the lot – spot and attract yours

Why not conventional ad metrics?

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Different opinions

All digital vendors have different key performance
indicators like bounce rate or page views

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No relation to sales

These performance indicators show the health
of a campaign but don’t correlate with sales

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Fragmented lead sources

Only half of your buyers contact you in advance.
Lead forms and phone calls are roughly half
of the picture

Measure Engaged Prospects,
sell more cars

We analyze hundreds of the behavioral indicators of your buyers such as clicks patterns, searches, VDP interest, and condense them into Engaged Prospect Metric.

It shows how many serious buyers you have on your website at any given time. Now, you can match your cars to people who are actually shopping for them.

Our studies and clients have proven Engaged Prospect Metric to be the highest correlated metric for sales


Laser-focus your marketing strategy

Campaign Performance img

Campaign Performance

Only half of your buyers contact you in advance. Lead forms and phone calls are roughly half of the picture

Inventory performance img

Inventory performance

Monitor inventory that is underperforming and focuses needed attention towards increasing deliveries

Vendor performance img

Vendor performance

Transparently assess which digital vendors are helping grow your business and which ones are not

More Engaged Prospects = More Sales

Performance Auto Mall evaluated their monthly campaign performance.Out of all cars that scored below average on the Engaged Prospect Metric, 23.9% were sold that month.

Out of all cars that scored above average on the Engaged Prospect Metric, 57.5% were sold.

Vehicles with the Engaged Prospect Metrics above average were twice as likely to sell


Maximize engagement at lower cost

Get more sales by relying on Engaged
Prospect Metric