Engaged Prospect Lookalike

Bring more potential buyers to your VDPs

Who is an Engaged Prospect?

Your buyer’s browsing behavioral indicators of their intent. Think of it as digital body language.

We analyze hundreds of customers behavioral indicators, such as clicks patterns, searches, VDP interest, and condense them into Engaged Prospect Metric.

Our studies have proven it to be the highest correlated metric to sales.

your dealership top-of-mind

Gain a competitive advantage without breaking the bank.

While we keep your CPC 9x lower than the average in Automotive, new buyers will encounter ads from your dealership at every stage of the buying journey

How we make it happen


We track buyers behavior on your VDPs to identify Engaged Prospects among your VDP traffic

We pass this data to Facebook and formulate a Lookalike Audience with similar traits to your Engaged Prospects


We target their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds with a tailored carousel ad showcasing up to 10 vehicles, each linked directly to the VDP

Here’s the proof

Campkins RV Centre and sMedia partnered to create and target Lookalike audiences for Facebook advertising campaigns.

After a month, the dealership witnessed $0.50 Cost per Engaged Prospect and $0.28 Cost per Click – cost 9x lower than the average Cost per Click in Automotive which is $2.24.

Optimizing with sMedia further, Campkins RV Centre upgraded their Lookalike campaign to a Carousel Lookalike campaign which lowered Cost per Click to $0.15 and Cost per Engaged Prospect to $0.35

More lookalike buyers = more sales

Join hundreds of dealerships driving traffic that converts