Direct Mail

sMedia’s Direct Mail product offers automotive businesses a powerful solution to re-engage prospects, combat marketing fatigue, drive site-to-store business, and recover abandoned carts. By personalizing direct mail based on website activity, utilizing customer analytics, and automating triggered drip campaigns, sMedia helps dealerships capture attention, drive conversions, and stay competitive in an increasingly digital economy.

Why Direct Mail?

Direct mail drives consideration

Direct mail campaigns reach customers at home where most key purchase decisions happen, making them an effective way for automotive businesses to drive sales.

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of key purchase decisions involve the home.
0 %
of key purchase decisions are pre-planned and discussed with others.
0 %
of recipients say that direct mail influenced their purchase decision.

Direct Mail Advantages

Re-Engage, Recover, Rev Up Sales

Re-engage prospects, increase in-store activity, and recover abandoned carts by leveraging personalized direct mail campaigns.

Re-engage Prospects

sMedia's Site Abandonment solution personalizes direct mail based on your prospects' website activity, re-engaging them and driving conversions for your automotive business.

Marketing Fatigue

Direct mail remarketing allows you to tailor your message to your audience's interests, cutting through marketing noise and capturing their attention.


Utilizing data on your website visitors, sMedia's direct mail remarketing technology generates local interest, bridging the gap between online shoppers and your physical locations.

Abandoned Cart

sMedia's direct mail remarketing solution sends personalized reminders to potential customers with abandoned carts, offering discounts and driving conversions without manual intervention.