Who we are

At sMedia, we’ve turned online advertising into a science. For two years running, sMedia has been recognized by Google as one of their top 100 Certified Partners in all of North America. We’ve achieved this by developing ground-breaking software solutions that havetaken online automobile advertising to a whole new level.

Our software automatically generates ads for every vehicle in a dealership’s inventory. These highly targeted ads are then placed in front of consumers at every stage of the online buying cycle, through the use of multiple online advertising channels.

This approach not only brings in significantly more leads than traditional advertising – the best part is, we can show youexactly what your ROI is for each dollar you spend on advertising. We let data drive every decision that we make, so you’ll know you’re getting the most out of your advertising budget. It’s as simple as that.

sMedia currently works with over 180 dealerships across Canada and the United States.

sMedia Inventory

sMedia Inventory automatically places a dealership’s inventory in front of consumers at every stage of the online buying cycle. Our program crawls a dealership’s inventory and automatically creates thousands of unit-specific ads by pulling the pictures and year/make/model information from the Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP). These ads are then delivered to the right people, in the right place, at the right time throughout the Google advertising network.

Every 15 minutes, our program syncs with the dealership’s website to ensure relevant information is displayed and the vehicle ads reflect what’s really on the lot.

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Here’s a breakdown of the whole process:

  1. Research – Exact Unit display ads are shown to consumers flagged as “in-market” or are doing research on blogs/articles/review sites.
  2. Shopping – Exact Unit search ads are displayed to consumers shopping for year/make/model in Google search.
  3. Consideration – Exact Unit remarketing ads follow consumers around to bring them back to the VDP.
  4. Purchase – Consumer purchases vehicle from the lot and the online listing is removed from the website. sMedia Inventory automatically takes down all ads related to that vehicle.

Smart Offer

Smart Offer allows you to present consumers with the right offer at the right at the right time, to boost conversions from your website and help turnmore interested shoppers into buyers.

Smart Offer lets you to sweeten the deal at exactly the right time to help you close more sales.Our cutting-edge algorithms detect when a consumer is interested in a specific vehicle and presents them with an offer whenthey are most likely to use it.

In one example of recent success, Titan Automotive received 7 leads in 15 days using this system at a cost of $7.14 per lead!

Branding Campaigns

Branding campaigns involve creating wide-funnel advertisements geared towards driving more traffic to various departments on your website. These ads focus on capturing market share from your competition. Consumers are searching for dealerships and products/services online and if you aren’t showing up for relevant keywords, those potential customers are headed straight to your competition.