How can your dealership adapt to better serve customers?

Make sure your vehicles are properly merchandised! Multiple photos, descriptions, options and pricing all needs to be there.

Consider a secure drop-off for your customers. This would involve a secure location where shoppers can pick-up keys to their vehicle of interest, go for a test drive, and return the keys without needing to make physical contact.

Use video to communicate with your customers, apps like Bombbomb are a great tool to send videos via email and you can also use Google Hangouts, Facebook, Facetime or Zoom meetings to host a video chat.

If you don’t have a chat or text option on your website, get one. Customers may have questions about this process or their options, the easier you make it for them to ask, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Add a Request a Virtual Test Drive button to your VDP to encourage Digital Test Drivers to reach out and highlight your online process.

Ensure you have a trade value tool on your website to capture the information of customers looking to make a move and evaluating their options – maybe they just need to sell their car right now, that’s an opportunity to increase your used inventory stock

Offer home test drives if that is an option for your dealership. This would entail a member of your sales staff bringing the shopper’s vehicle of interest directly to their home for a test drive.

Update your site regularly and even post videos about what your dealership is doing to keep everyone safe and healthy.

How sMedia can help

  • Use Smart Offer Lead Generation tool on the VDP to promote your Vehicle Purchase Concierge Service (home test drive, online finance app, home delivery), and as an appointment scheduler. We can customize this for specific COVID-19 messaging.
  • Use engaged prospect metric to target your Digital Test Drivers to keep your dealership top of mind, advertise any changes in pricing or incentives to people who have visited your website, and evaluate the market temperature.
  • Use Dynamic Direct Mail Retargeting to turn anonymous customers into real opportunities, promote your concierge service and keep in contact with engaged shoppers (only available to US dealers).
  • sMedia has a diverse partner network that can provide e-commerce tools to improve your shopper’s digital experience. Ask us about what you need and we can likely recommend other quality services.
  • Take advantage of sMedia’s Super Package, designed and priced to help you remain successful during this difficult time.
  • Meet with one of our sMedian’s to go through our Value Calculator exercise. We can help you identify where you are wasting ad budget and help you save money. We recently outlined how one dealership could save over $11,000 using this tool!
  • We can run a trade and downgrade campaign for you. Many consumers are facing difficult decisions. Help them determine what their current vehicle is worth and identify which vehicles they can downgrade to for monthly savings.
  • Use sMedia’s AI lead optimizer for specific COVID-19 messaging. The AI optimizer creates different button combinations, customizing text, font, size, and colour, to deliver you the highest converting combination. Switch the text to contain “schedule a virtual test drive” or something similar to secure a safe meeting during this outbreak

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