Clean Click

Catch fraudulent clicks and
save money.

clean click

Did you know up to 29%of your total online Pay-per-click advertising budget could be wasted on fraudulent clicks?

save money

Save money

By blocking fraudulent Pay-per-clicks we protect your ad spend budget, thus saving you money.

reallocate spend

Reallocate spend

Reinvest in your digital campaigns with the saved PPC budget waved from fraudulent clicks.

sleep sound

Sleep sound

Breathe a sigh of relief, knowing not a single penny of your Google AdWords budget is being wasted.

Clean Click’s algorithms separate out your potential customers from the
impostors automatically.


We monitor

CleanClick monitors your ads 24/7.
CleanClick gathers valuable data as to how your ads are being interacted with.


We detect

Our leading edge technology detects fraudulent clicks as soon as they happen. Fraudulent clicks come from bots, click farms and your competitors.


We block

Once a fraudulent click is detected and the ad will no longer be visible to the fraudster! From there you are able to reallocate the wasteful ad spend!