Changes to Facebook Marketplace

Facebook AIA Ads: The quickest and easiest way to advertise your vehicles on Facebook

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Facebook AIA Ads will allow you to:
  • Reduce cost per lead 83%
  • Showcase NEW and USED vehicles
  • Have a multi-channel approach
  • Provide a superior, frictionless shopping experience. This allows them to shop where they want without leaving the Facebook Platform!

What’s Happening?

Facebook recently announced their plan to discontinue Facebook Marketplace.

This change means you can no longer upload your inventory, leaving marketplace customers blind to your vehicles.

What can I do about it?

To replace Marketplace, Facebook launched their new Facebook AIA Ads.

The new AIA Ads give you access to priority ad spots directing to an on-facebook VDP, meaning your vehicles will get the attention of in-market Facebook shoppers.

Premium Ad Spot

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  • Website Link

  • Messenger

On-Facebook VDP

Why sMedia for AIA?

Facebook Automotive Partner Status

Engaged Prospect Optimization

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

In preparation for the full discontinuation on September 13th, Facebook has already began to remove the listings of many dealerships! Keep your vehicles in-front of shoppers and maintain your market share by giving AIA Ads a try today.

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