This week’s Behind the Wheel focuses on the impressive results dealerships have seen using sMedia’s simple and effective Smart Offer tool – to create a custom experience for potential buyers to convert more often. 

79X ROI from a lead tool is an impressive result, to say the least! But before we jump into those numbers, let’s explain why the dealerships using this tool are so excited about it. We’ll break it down into four categories: Time, Planning, Versatility, and Control.

How to get better results from your display advertising.

You’ve seen them; Banners that pop up over your YouTube videos, the square image that we ignore on a recipe blog, or worse yet, the ad that takes over our entire screen when we’re trying to read a news article online. Even if you dislike some kinds of display advertising, they CAN BE a very efficient and effective way to create brand recognition and drive traffic to your site from various places across the internet when set up correctly. 

So how do you tell if your display campaign is set up incorrectly if you don’t have access to the ad account?