Amazon Ads & OTT

Amazon Ads from sMedia can be built using a dealer’s dynamic inventory or static images for campaigns like service or vehicle acquisition. These ads will appear across the Amazon Ads network, including Amazon, Twitch, and third-party websites and apps in select marketplaces. 

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Amazon Ads on phone

Amazon Ads

Turbocharge Your Dealership with Amazon Ads

Harness the power of Amazon Ads for targeted, dynamic advertising based on Amazon Garage and shopper behaviours.

Inventory Display

Dynamic Inventory Display ads automatically integrate your inventory and business details into ad placements, tailoring them for specific audiences. Target options include life stage, in-market, conquest based on Amazon Garage, and lease expiration audiences.

Acquisition Ads

Dynamic Acquisition Ads utilize Amazon Garage data to showcase vehicle trade-in opportunities with dynamic images, dealer information, and geographically-specific appraisal values. Target options include Amazon Garage data, in-market, and dealership look-alike audiences.

Service Ads

Dynamic Service Ads present your dealership's service offers with dynamic pricing and dealer information. Target customers based on their Amazon parts & accessories purchases and Amazon Garage data, delivering tailored and relevant ads.

Over the Top (OTT)

Television Ads Redefined

sMedia’s OTT solution delivers video content directly to a global audience via Internet, maximizing campaign effectiveness through advanced targeting and real-time analytics.

Direct Delivery

sMedia's Over-the-Top solution bypasses traditional TV networks and cable providers, delivering video content directly to consumers via Internet for a global reach.

Advanced Targeting

Reach your ideal customers with precision using data-driven insights and tools that target interests, behaviors, and demographics to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor campaign performance in real-time through comprehensive reporting and analytics, enabling data-driven decisions and campaign optimization for better results