About Us

How we got here

Back in 2011, sMedia founders recognized one of the biggest problems in automotive advertising: Everyone is guessing.

Marketing teams run ad campaigns based on vanity metrics, attracting costly unqualified traffic. They don’t know where their engaged customers are, how to spot and reach them, and how much they need to spend in order to do so. Meanwhile, General Managers become lost in unactionable reports trying to justify high ad spend.

sMedia’s team believed that there was a better way to acquire customers for dealerships, and it was backed with data.

We developed a technology that recognizes purchase intent and helps over 450 dealerships across North America capitalize on it. Our success in automotive advertising was recognized by Google when we became the first Google Premier Partner in Saskatchewan.

In 2017, we were acknowledged as one of a handful of Google SMB (Small & Medium Business) Channel Partners for Automotive.

This was not a coincidence – we relied on data to understand how we can scale and grow.

Now, we’re helping out clients to do the same.

How we help

We aim at driving targeted, qualified car buyers directly to their Vehicle Detail Pages and helping them convert.

It is one of the least transparent aspects of automotive marketing, and we see that as an opportunity.

We’re excited to simplify customer acquisition for every dealership through our precise behavioural targeting and AI-driven optimization technology.

We master our craft

sMedia partnered with Google to ensure our clients are never behind continuous innovation. As a Google SMB Premier Partner, we run clients’ online campaigns at optimal performance.

Given our investment in behavioral targeting, AI-driven optimization, and high-touch customer service, we are uniquely committed to deliver advertising that transforms the customer experience. sMedia has been recognized as a top Google Certified Agency in 2014 and 2015.

We’re on your team

We’re only successful if our clients are.

Instead of just providing an advertising service, sMedia wants to work with you as one team. As a team member, sMedia evaluates all your digital advertising initiatives and provides unbiased feedback.

Be confident in our budget recommendations. Our exclusive technological efficiencies enable us to charge the same low flat fee regardless of your budget size.

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