About Us.

sMedia has quickly risen to prominence in the world of digital advertising. We accomplished this through a passion for the craft and continuous innovation. As a result, our products come at a lower cost than our competitors and bring more value to our client’s marketing mix. We also like the occasional game of pool.

sMedia currently works with over 250 dealerships across Canada and the States.

We work for you.

Our success depends on our client’s success and there are many different reasons why they love us! From flat management fees, to top tier service, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by bringing more value to the table. Instead of just providing an advertising service, sMedia wants to work as apart of your team to consult and to help you evaluate performance across all of your traffic sources.

Flat Management Fee

Be confident in our budget recommendations. Our technological efficiencies enable us to charge the same flat fee regardless of your budget size allowing us to be objective consultants.

Part of your team

As a team member we will give you unbiased feedback on all your advertising inititives. Our goal is to help you succeed.