Making Marketing Decisions in A Tough Market

Erin Richmond
Head of Customer Experience

When I started to write this, my initial thought was to write about how dealers and the automotive industry are facing some upcoming challenges with inventory and inflation… but I stopped myself because in all reality the automotive industry and dealers in particular have been turned on their heads for the last 3 years. So I’m going to start with, 

“Hold on to your hats. We’re in for another wild ride.”

With the rising competition in the automobile dealership industry, more and more car dealers are looking for new ways to retain their existing customers as well as gain new consumers. While there’s no denying the fact that keeping long-term relationships with customers can be a daunting task, dealers can still do it by learning more about their target audience. Fortunately, attribution solves this problem by enabling dealers to recognize their customer’s needs and perceptions easily. Attribution can not only help your dealership in identifying customers’ requirements but also in creating new marketing strategies. 

Let’s find out what attribution is and how it can improve your dealership’s decision-making.