Here at sMedia, we are helping auto dealerships manage digital transformation by empowering their teams through tech enablement. (And also recreation, real estate, and electronics sellers.) Our Behind The Wheel blog is here to help answer some of the tough questions like GA4 (coming soon), and provide expert analysis and updates on topics and tools that impact the industry.

As if chip shortages weren’t enough, the industry is faced with a massive mechanic shortage. Our People and Culture expert delves into some of the whys, and what you can do to improve your mechanic situation.

Finding the right talent is tough right now. On next week’s Behind The Wheel our Peoples and Culture expert will provide an extensive strategy guide on hiring for those hard-to-fill positions. (Did someone say Auto Technician?)

This week we want to highlight a new feature that has been added to our Smart Offer tool at no additional cost. We call it Smart Resume, and it’s actually very simple in design.

How to get better results from your display advertising.

You’ve seen them; Banners that pop up over your YouTube videos, the square image that we ignore on a recipe blog, or worse yet, the ad that takes over our entire screen when we’re trying to read a news article online. Even if you dislike some kinds of display advertising, they CAN BE a very efficient and effective way to create brand recognition and drive traffic to your site from various places across the internet when set up correctly. 

So how do you tell if your display campaign is set up incorrectly if you don’t have access to the ad account?