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Cost per engaged user $3.50Cost per vdp view $.035

Engaged Users

Engaged users are digital shoppers that show behaviour that demonstrates their purchase intent while on your VDPs.  
This purchase intent can be transformed into walk in traffic and leads!




Total Ads

1.8 Billion





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Money Saved

Smedia Inventory

Customers now Google everything and do all their research online. Make sure you’re getting your inventory infront of customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

Stop losing money by listing vehicles on third-party websites and start putting your website’s listings first. With sMedia Inventory, your online listings stay in front of consumers atevery stage of the online buying cycle.

sMedia Inventory uses highly targeted ads to reach consumers with the specific vehicles that they are looking for. sMedia Inventory utilizes search ads on the Google Search Network, as well as banner ads throughout the Google Display Network – which reaches over 90% of internet users and over one-million websites. So, it’s safe to say that your ads will be seen.

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Dynamic Facebook Retargeting

You wouldn’t let a customer walk off the lot without a way to contact them so you can follow up. Your website is your digital lot and our data shows that it takes 7 visits on average for a customer to take the first step in contacting your dealership. Our dynamic social retargeting ads make sure your digital customers are followed up with by reminding them of the vehicles they showed interest in.

In fact, these ads are so effective, that they are 21x more likely to be clicked on than Google retargeting ads!

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Smart Offer

It can be tricky knowing when to show a consumer the right offer at the right time. With Smart Offer, it’s never been easier. Our algorithms detect when a shopper is interested in a certain vehicle. From there, Smart Offer makes them anoffer with exactly the right message, at exactly the right time, to help turn that interested shopper into a buyer.

In one example of recent success, Titan Automotive received 7 leads in 15 days using this system at a cost of $7.14 per lead!

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Do you think your competitor down the street is the type of guy to click on our ads and waste your digital budget? Did you know that up to 29 percent of all ad clicks are from competitors, bots and hackers? On a budget of $1,000 a month, that is a potential savings of $3,480 a year.

With Clean Click, you won’t have to worry about competitors and fraudsters draining your budget. Clean Click monitors who clicks on your ads, and gives us detailed insight into who is clicking your ads and how they’re doing it. Clean Click’s state-of-the-art algorithms separate out your potential customers from the impostors automatically – so you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that not a single penny of your AdWords budget is being wasted.

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“Since we hooked up with them, traffic to our website, leads and quality of leads saw an immediate increase and has been responsible for approximately half of all traffic to our site.”

Scott Murdoch

Multimedia Manager

Rosetown Mainline Motor Products Ltd.

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