Turn your website into your best sales rep

sMedia helps your website convert traffic into leads

Stop wasting your traffic

Best online leads come from your website. They cost less and close more often.

If your website doesn’t convert leads, it decreases the effectiveness of all ad spend.

We enhance your website performance to ensure it’s not the case

Stop wasting your traffic

Our products combine Artificial Intelligence and behavioral targeting to recognize purchase intent and nudge your buyers towards conversion.

sMedia platform gets smarter with every buyer that browses your website.

We process large swaths of data to boost conversion rates and bring leads to your CRM

We improve your website efficiency,
enhance customer experience,
and convert more leads

AI Lead Optimizer

Show buyers VDP buttons they will want to click

AI Lead Optimizer understands what your buyers need. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our predictive algorithm maximizes engagement on VDPs by choosing the best-performing button combination for a particular buyer. Provide the personalized experience buyers have come to expect from websites


Smart Offer

Incentivize your buyers with an offer they will accept, at the right place, at the right time

Smart Offer uses behavioural data to present a coupon to a buyer when they are most likely to convert into a lead. Our precise targeting engages your traffic at optimal times for conversion, decluttering their buying journey from unnecessary pop-ups



Behavioral variables


Increase in Button


Increase in Form
Fill Outs



Don’t take our word for it


Scott Murdoch
Marketing Director
Rosetown Mainline

sMedia is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons that Rosetown Mainline is one of the top GM dealers in Western Canada, if not the Nation. That is no small feat being a dealership in a town of 2500 people and an hour plus drive from anywhere, but advertising with sMedia has helped put us on the mapin a big way.

No other agency will care more about your business and helping you achieve whatever goals you set than these guys and girls. They are always innovating, where others stay flat. They understand advertising in the digital space better than any other agency out there and are consistently leaving them to play catch-up.

More website leads = more walk-ins and sales

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