The universal digital
metric for in store sales

An engaged user is a potential customer that shows high purchase intent while browsing your vehicle detail pages.

There is a problem with conventional ad metrics.

Different opinions

All vendors have different key
performance indicators (bounce rate average session, etc.)

No relation to sales

These performance indicators show the health of a campaign but alone they fail to have any direct relation to sales.

Fragmented Lead Sources

Only half of your customers will contact you in advance. Lead forms and phone calls are only half of the picture.

In order to manage something, you need to be able to track it.

As a GM you will get a bunch of reports from all your vendors each with pages upon pages of information and 100’s of metrics. All of this data is worthless unless you are able to translate it into an actionable insight.

When a sales person is working a deal they pay attention to a customer’s body language, tone, and inflection. With this information the sales person can tell whether or not a customer is interested in buying. Your website can do the same.

When a shopper is browsing your website, they are giving us tons of information we call their digital body language. We are able to analyze the behavioral indicators of your customer’s digital body language and condense it down into one easy to understand metric called Engaged User.

Our study shows that this is the highest correlated statistic to sales. It shows us how many serious buyers you have on your website at any given time.

Make decisions based off an actionable insight that is highly
correlated to car sales. As a dealership you can:

Move your inventory

See cars that are under performing and give them the attention that they need in order to sell.

Vender Performance

Find out which ad vendors are helping your business and which ones aren’t.

Campaign performance

Valuable insight on which campaigns are performing well and which ones are costing you too much money.

Benchmark web providers

Gives you the tools to determine which web provider works best for you.

Benchmark dealers in Group

Find out which dealers in your group are under performing and have the tools to get them back on track.