Dynamic Social Retargeting

Follow up with shoppers that show
high purchase intent.

Digital Marketing Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

Dynamic Social Retargeting ads are like remarketing display ads on steroids. We are able to target shoppers based on various behavioural indicators on your VDP’s with perfectly tailored ads. These perfectly tailored ads keep your shoppers exactly where they belong. Away from your competition.

Engaged Users

We use a proprietary combination of behavioural cues on your VDPs to determine who to spend your ad dollars on.Learn more.

Smarter Website

Allow your website to follow up with interested buyers, even if they haven’t contacted you.

Get more out of your traffic

Capitalize on your existing web traffic by increasing the likelihood the shoppers pick your dealership to visit.

Laser-focus your advertising efforts by following up with shoppers that are actually interested in your vehicles.

Multiple device shopping

The vehicles your shoppers are
interested in will deliver regardless of what device they are using.

Auto sync & hassle free

Up-to-date with your inventory in real time. No work for you means more time for what you do best. Selling cars.

Premium placement

Car buyers are much more likely to notice and interact with ads in their news feeds as opposed to other display networks