Dynamic Social Retargeting

Follow up with shoppers that display
high purchase intent.

dynamic social retargeting

Dynamic Social Retargeting ads are digital dynamic display ads on steroids. Using our exclusive Engaged User Metric, we are able to target your past internet shoppers based on several proven behavioural indicators. As a result, we can deliver perfectly tailored dynamic ads to draw the shopper back to your VDP’s (Vehicle Display Pages.) These perfectly tailored dynamic ads keep your shoppers exactly where they belong… Away from your competition!

engaged users

Engaged Users

Powered with a proprietary set of behavioural cues on your VDP’s, we are able to determine the best website visitors to spend your ad budget on. Learn more.

smarter website

Smarter Website

Automatically follow-up with your past website shoppers that display a high intent to purchase a specific vehicle, even if they haven’t contacted you.

existing engaged traffic

Get more out of your traffic

Maximize your existing website traffic opportunities by increasing the likelihood recent internet shoppers will consider your dealership first.

Laser-focus your digital advertising strategy by following up with past internet shoppers that are actually interested in your vehicles.

multiple devices

Multiple device shopping

Promote the exact vehicles your shoppers are interested in regardless of what device they are using, including; computer, tablet or smartphone.

automatic inventory sync

Auto sync & hassle free

Experience automatic and hassle free inventory synchronization in real-time. With no extra work for you, you have more time to do what you do best… Selling vehicles!

premium placement

Premium placement

Dominate premium ad space on social media with our digital dynamic ads, displaying the exact new or used vehicle your past internet shopper was considering!